Top 7 Signs It’s Time to Restain the Wood Materials on Your Deck

By December 4, 2023Uncategorized

The wood stain on your deck is an important part of keeping your deck usable and beautiful for many years. The stain keeps water out and keeps the surface smooth so you can clean the deck easily. Many people should plan on applying a new coat of stain every two or three years. You can choose to sand down or strip the old stain and apply an even coat or apply it as needed for a more rustic look. Here are seven signs you should start staining right away. 

1. Your Stain Has Faded

Stain may fade faster or slower in certain locations. Many people will have a different maintenance schedule due to different amounts of footfall. Salt, heavy rain, lots of natural moss, or sand will typically speed up the fading process. 

2. Your Wood Is Getting Lighter

Wood will start to bleach as the stain thins and more of the sun’s rays soak in. When your wood looks noticeably faded, you should plan on staining soon. 

3. Water Soaks In

The wood will start to absorb water as the stain wears down. Your deck will stay wet longer and may start to develop small bubbles in the wood. 

4. You See Cracks and Warps

Wood will start to crack, warp, and splinter as more water soaks in. You should always replace any sections with these issues before you add new stain. 

5. You Notice Moss

If moss grows on the wood, you should plan on removing it and staining as soon as possible. The moss will wear stain down relatively quickly and spores can become impossible to remove. 

6. Mold Develops

You should plan on cleaning and staining the deck when you see or smell mold, mildew, or rot. Make sure you replace any sections that are not completely cleanable. 

7. Cleaning Is Difficult

Your deck should be smooth and easy to sweep and mop. Add stain when the wood surface becomes rough and dirt sticks to it.

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