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Green home construction is a forward-thinking approach that helps to reduce the impact on natural resources and will benefit the future generations. Here at Mangum Builders, we designed environmentally friendly home for our clients. A green home focuses on the efficient use of water, energy and materials. We have years of experience in green home construction and we are dedicated to bring environmentally and efficiency to the homes that we build. For years, we have been building homes that strike a balance between beauty and being environmentally responsible. The materials that we use symbolized our dedication to our clients and we strive to bring excellence in all of our buildings.

What are Hebel Blocks?

Hebel blocks are made out of autoclaved aerated concrete. Each panel contains steel reinforcement for maximum durability and strength. They are lightweight building material which is formed into blocks for many construction purposes. These blocks will surely bring your home into the modern era by providing a contemporary look to your house. Using Hebel blocks will definitely give your home a beautiful facade, while providing great sound acoustics and fire protection.

Benefits of Hebel Blocks?

While comparing to many other cement substrates, Hebel blocks will reduce noise from external sources such as planes flying overhead and traffic which means more peace and quiet. These blocks can also lower sound transference between each levels of your home. As mentioned, Hebel blocks give a solid feel and security than most traditional bricks. The steel reinforced internal panels of Hebel blocks will add strength between rooms. Hebel is well known for being fire resistance. Hebel panel system is made out of non-combustible material so you will always have peace-of-mind when you are home. Hebel blocks are environmentally friendly, with a 30% lower environment impact than normal concrete. It also produces 55% less greenhouse emissions, which is the greener and cleaner choice. Compared to other masonry products, Hebel blocks provide a superior insulation protection. This means less reliance on air conditioners and heaters. It is a good way to be kinder to the environment and saving money.

How do Hebel Blocks Work?

Hebel blocks range of fencing, wall and floor system provide excellent benefits to homeowners. It is quick to install and will not compromising on quality, yet being solid and comfortable to live in. With its incredible thermal insulation properties, a home built with Hebel blocks will surely stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Why Choose Mangum Builders’ Green Building Experts?

Mangum Builder’s mission is to streamline performance and provide clients with exceptional service. We lived out our core values daily to delivery for our clients, consistent quality and premium craftsmanship to create timelessly elegant houses for them . Mangum Builders has been able to build a home that is both adaptable and customer-centered to the market trends. We pride ourselves in holding to a high standard for customer satisfaction.

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