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Mangum Builders aims to provide professional construction services and long-lasting building supplies. We engage closely with our clients in order to guarantee that every design idea is fulfilled to the maximum extent possible. We are with our clients at every step of the way throughout the construction process, from start to finish. To learn more about the various home styles we offer, consult our building experts at Mangum Builders today.

What is an Inner City Remodel Home?

Remodeling is the process of working on an existing structure and renewing it to create an up-to-date home. This is the same development method used on inner city remodel homes that involves gutting the interior of an existing home and revamping the place so it can stay relevant in the property market. There are different types of remodel projects which can be customized to suit the design preferences of the client.

Key Features of Inner City Remodel Homes

Some of the popular features of inner city remodel homes include expanded closets, revamped kitchen, large windows, modern bathroom interior, and an open floor concept. The main idea is to install modern fixtures and update the home’s interior design to showcase a much more current style. Thus, the features of an inner city remodel home are truly only limited to the depths of the homeowner’s creativity. They can think of the exact design idea that they wish to implement onto their new home.

Pros and Cons of Building an Inner City Remodel Home

Inner city homes are often located within an area that offers plenty of amenities and easy access to public transport. These conveniences are what draw potential homeowners to the location. By remodeling existing structures, homeowners get to save time as compared to constructing a new home from scratch. The materials to be used are also lesser which can help homeowners cut down on material costs.

The only drawback to an inner city remodel home is the space constraint that homeowners need to make do with. They are not able to expand the structure or build additional features like a yard, patio, or pool if the existing place does not already have all of those. They are limited to the exact size of the ready structure and what it has to offer. The homeowners are only able to customize its interior design and fixtures.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Builders?

Our 70 years of combined custom construction expertise and our attention to detail are our best characteristics often sought after by our clients. We are just as equally flexible when it comes to planning and designing to ensure that every client gets to realize their dream home in no time. Our results are always up to standard which are easily achievable with the support of our industry partners. Working hand-in-hand with experienced builders lets us accomplish our main objective which is to deliver beautiful homes as per the deadline.

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