Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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It is exciting when you commit to bringing your dream home to life. For many, home is the place where they can truly be themselves. Home is where impromptu dance parties happen, where meals bring together family and friends, where children grow up, and where we watch our sunrises and sunsets.

As home builders in Austin, Texas, we have had the privilege of sharing our clients’ dreams. At Mangum Builders, we know that the best custom homes come from listening to our clients and taking their wishes to heart.

Once you entrust us with your dream home, we will use our years of experience and custom home expertise to make sure that your finished home matches your design. Your aspirations fuel our work, every step of the way.


As with any custom project, there are a lot of decisions to make when building a custom home. You can expect to make decisions on big things, like where you will build your house, and small things, like the type of drawer pulls on your bathroom vanity. Whatever the size of the decision, you can count on Mangum Builders to provide insight.

Our founder, Greg Mangum, has always been passionate about going above and beyond other Austin builders when it comes to client support. Greg and his team of professionals provide weekly one-on-one sessions through the entire building process to develop relationships and collaborate with you from design to construction.


Every custom home is unique, and the planning process may look different from project to project. At Mangum Builders, we strive to use our years as Austin builders to answer your questions before you ask them.

During your initial one-on-one sessions, we are prepared to cover:

  • Financial consulting and lender options
  • Site, discovery and topographical analysis of land, plot and development
  • Land preparation and site analysis: electric, roads, wells, septic solutions
  • Architect solutions and vendor contracting
  • Interior designer opportunities, including vendor solutions and style matching
  • Preparation of a budget and timeline for development, construction and delivery

Once we have collaborated on a project plan, we will set up meetings for:

  • Team introductions. You will meet everyone who will have a part in your custom build.
  • Communication review. You will receive training on the project communication process and receive access to an online tool for direct contact 24/7 with Greg and your development team.
  • Establishment of project roles and deadlines. We will review accounting and project management roles as well as deadlines with you.


Once the dreaming, decisions and planning are covered, we are ready to build. Construction is when the real magic happens. Every day on site will bring you closer to walking through the door of your dream home. 

We will continue the one-on-one weekly meetings throughout construction, and our online tool will keep you in the loop 24/7. Your custom online portal will provide you with a complete overview of activities, events, expenditures and milestones on your home. We keep you updated so there will be no surprises for your final walk-through of the property—you will have had a front-row seat as your dream came to fruition. 

Ready to share your dreams with us? Contact us to get your Austin area custom home in the works today! 


Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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Helpful Resources

Our team has created documents to help you plan your dream home and construction project!

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“As leaders in the field of home building, we get chosen for what we know, how long we have been building and for our integrity and enthusiasm in what we do. There are a lot of choices available to our customers and we respect their ideas, their values and their desires. Building the house is only part of what we do, we also build relationships.”

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