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Green home construction is designed to be environmentally friendly. It is a positively aggressive approach that helps to reduce the impact on natural resources and will benefit the future generations. Here at Mangum Builders, we designed and build environmentally friendly home for our clients. A green home focuses on the efficient use of water, energy and materials. We have years of experience in green home construction and we are dedicated to bring environmentally and efficiency to the homes that we build. We have been building homes that strike a balance between beauty and being environmentally responsible.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are used to convert sunlight, into electricity that can be used to power electrical appliances. Solar panels can fit your home and family needs. Clients who install solar panels at their home will receive many benefits such as lower carbon footprint, lower electricity bills and higher home value. It is a cleaner and renewable alternative to fossil fuels. These panels are best suited for houses with have ample sunlight throughout the year.

Benefits of Solar Panels?

Solar energy does not pollute the water and does not produce greenhouse emission. It also has the least negative impact on the environment. You will not only be reducing your carbon footprint but it is a good way to increase renewable energy. Energy demand tends to be higher in the early evening and this is the time when electricity prices peak. Prices during those times could be reduced with the help of the additional electricity input from the solar panels. This means you will pay less for the electricity you use. The installation of solar panels also can increase the value of your home, if you are looking to sell it. According to surveys, solar panels add value and estimates that a 5kW solar panel will may add around a little over USD$20,000 to your property. Solar panels generally require low maintenance costs. You only need to clean them a couple times a year and you can expect little spending on repair and maintenance.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work by converting photons from the sun into direct current, which make its way into your converter. Your converter then converts the direct current into alternating current and sends it to your electrical box to power up your home. You could reduce your dependence on the grid connection by stored energy provided by the solar panels. This is an affordable and efficient way to own your power instead of buying it from the grid.

Why Choose Mangum Builders’ Green Building Experts?

Mangum Builder has been able to build a home by focusing on three core values, which are experience, integrity and excellence. Our mission is to streamline performance and provide our clients with exceptional customer service. Mangum Builders has been able to build a home that is both adaptable and customer-centered to the market trends. Along with our trusted partners, we pride ourselves in holding to a high standard for customer satisfaction.

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