Modern Home Renovation Trends to Look Out for This Decade

By April 2, 2024Uncategorized

If you are thinking about renovating your home, modern home styles are appealing to a wide range of buyers. Here are some of the most widely used trends of this decade. 

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans allow people to do many things indoors at the same time. Contemporary home styles like to emphasize multi-use spaces and lots of light. Opening up rooms allows for easier flow from space to space. It also lets homeowners enjoy natural light all year long. 

Luxurious Bathrooms

Today’s bathroom are all about pampering. People want a place that allows them to fully relax and retreat from the world. Modern homeowners are making use of renovations that are embracing options like soaking tubs, rainbow showerheads and radiant heating flooring. 

Natural Materials 

Nature has much to offer. Today’s homeowners are searching for ways to bring the outdoors inside. Natural materials are one highly effective solution. Wood details in the form of moldings continue to be popular. Other natural materials like stone and glass are also much appreciated. Stone flooring and French glass doors help with air flow and keep a home cool during the summer. Natural materials also help reduce a home’s overall heating and cooling bills. 

Bold Color 

Lots of bold colors are very much on trend now and likely to continue to be so as the decade continues. Color is an easy way to personalize any space and add lots of personality. Painting a room bright red, yellow or turquoise is one way to show off your style and put your own stamp on your home. 

Multi-Generational Spaces

Contemporary homeowners want to ensure everyone in the family has a place to stay. Universal design like door handles that young children and seniors can grasp are extremely welcome. Spaces that can generate income such as a walk-out basement or mother-daughter unit provide additional home space. These spaces can also be used to generate extra income to pay the mortgage.