Rainwater Harvesting System

At Mangum Builders, we specialize in green home construction. It is a forward-thinking approach that helps to reduce the impact on natural resources and will benefit the future generations. Designed to be environmentally friendly, a green home focuses on the efficient use of water, energy and materials. We, at Mangum Builders, have years of experience in green home construction and we are dedicated to bring environmentally and efficiency to the homes that we build. For years, we have been building homes that strike a balance between beauty and being environmentally responsible.

What are Rainwater Harvesting Services?

Rainwater harvesting is a type of technology that collect, store and utilize rainwater during rainfall, that would usually fall back onto the ground. After the collection of rainwater, this water can be stored in storage tanks and used for non-domestic purposes. This can be seen as a substitution for portable water, which is expensive and in short supply in many regions.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Services?

Rainwater harvesting can help the environment in many ways. It can control storm water run-off and can reduce erosion around downspouts and drainage systems. This is because rainwater do not produce corrosion as hard water does. Rainwater harvesting can also reduce water bills. Having a source of water in your home will significantly reduce dependence on municipal sources. As rainwater is considered soft water, it can lessen the need for detergents when washing dishes and clothes. Ground water are increasingly being used in several ways around the world. During times of drought, using harvested rainwater becomes essential when ground water supplies have been depleted. Harvested rainwater can also be used to greatly improve gardens and plant life. It can flush out the mineral impurities’ buildup from the plants and soil. Harvested rainwater is free from many types of man-made contaminations, pollutants and chlorination. You are able to save money on your overall property maintenance and landscaping needs when using harvested water.

How does Rainwater Harvesting Work?

The way rainwater harvesting works is that it can be used both outside and inside of homes. This will result in reducing overall water waste and water consumption. The storage tanks are placed on the roofs or on the sides of a house, under a specialized gutter to catch the falling rainwater. Then the harvested rainwater is filtered to remove any large debris and leaves. The rainwater then enters the tank via an inlet to minimize disturbance to the sediment on the base of the tank. It is then pumped directly to the appliances in the house.

Why Choose Mangum Builders’ Green Building Experts?

Our mission, as homebuilders, is to streamline performance and provide exceptional service to our clients. We lived out our core values every day to delivery consistent quality and premium craftsmanship. Magnum Builders has been able to build a home that is both adaptable and customer-centered to the market trends. We pride ourselves in holding to a high standard for customer satisfaction.

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