Room Addition Ideas

If you’re looking for more space at home, ditch your search for a larger house for some room addition ideas instead. Not only do room additions make your current home more spacious, you’re also likely to get back a good 60% of the renovation costs if you sell your home.

What makes room addition ideas even better is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t change much about a new house right off the bat. But between adding a story or two and switching out one of your walls for a glass façade, there’s so much more leeway to play around with when adding rooms.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these room addition ideas.

Invite Light in with Glass Walls

Lighting is everything when it comes to ambience, and natural lighting above all provides a soothing, natural brightness that artificial lighting often fails to replicate.

One trick to let more natural light into your room addition is to use more windows. Naturally, floor-to-ceiling windows let most light in. Glass facades should be the emphasis of your room addition, so you’ll also want to minimize any distractions that could steal the limelight.

Make Room for Guests

Having a spare room handy is great, especially if you frequently receive house guests.

If you already have a covered patio or verandah, consider walling up so and transforming them into guest rooms.  Be sure to retain the uniqueness of your home’s original structure by ensuring that added walls and roofs match your home’s existing design.

Add a Bathroom on the Second Floor

Planning to add a whole second story to your home? You may want to consider including a secondary bathroom.

When adding a bathroom on the second floor, be sure to use only durable and water-resistant materials. Give it some flair with a couple of bathroom vanities, or make a statement with an opulent standalone bathtub or sink.

Be Subtle with a Kitchen Bump-Out

If you have a backyard and don’t want to change your existing home too much, a kitchen bump-out may be perfect for you.

Kitchen bump-outs typically add about 100 square feet of space to your kitchen without the need for a multi-story addition. That makes for more comfortable space for gatherings without too much hassle.

Add a Small Deck

Why walk out into your backyard when you can enjoy the same great outdoors at the comfort of a deck just beside your bedroom?

Adding a deck is perfect for bridging adjacent interior spaces and exterior ones. Decks also add lots of live space to your home at just a fraction of how much it’ll cost to fully enclose the same area.

Live Bigger with these Room Addition Ideas today

Spacious living doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. But regardless of which room addition idea you pick, always remember to preserve the uniqueness of your home. Not sure how to get started with these bathroom remodeling ideas? Mangum Builders is here to help.

Simply tell us about your room addition idea and let us work out the details together with you. Ready to enjoy more spacious living? Contact us for a consultation today!


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