Home Remodeling FAQs

Unsure what to consider before deciding to remodel your home? Creating your dream home doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions.

Have a question that isn’t covered here? Feel free to reach out to us – we’ll run through the details until you’re satisfied.

What does my Free Remodeling Estimate cover?

Whether upon request or out of necessity, our free remodeling estimates always come with a comprehensive outline of work.  All free remodeling estimates also come with renderings that allows you to see a remodeled version of your home.

Do I have to Pay for a Design Agreement?

Depending on the scope of remodeling, you may or may not have to pay for a design agreement. While kitchen and bathroom models are typically done without a design agreement, remodels for multiple rooms or whole houses do require one.

How is an Estimate Different from a Design Agreement?

There are two key differences between estimates and design agreements.

While estimates are provided at no extra charge, you will have to pay for design agreements.

Also, estimates can fluctuate over the duration of the remodeling process, while design agreements allow you to fix the design and final price of the project prior to signing a contract for the full cost.

How Long does my Home Remodeling Project usually last?

The duration of your home remodeling project largely depends on its scope.

Some types of remodeling, like removing a wall to open your kitchen up, will take longer due to additional building department permit requirements.

For projects to be completed on time, you need to be accessible whenever there is a need to select products to be used in the project as we cannot start until all materials are received. Ensuring that we can fully access your home throughout the remodeling process during standard working hours is also key.

How much will my Home Remodel cost?

The cost of your home remodel depends on the scope of the project, as well as your requirements and budget. On average, bathroom remodeling costs between $120 to $275 per square foot in Texas. Other factors that also affect your home remodel cost include the size of your home, the brand of products used, the complexity of the project as well as the duration of the project.

How can I Stay in Touch with you during the Project?

Stay up-to-date with weekly one-on-meetings and keep a constant eye out on progress with a  complete overview of project activities, events, expenditures and milestones via our proprietary online tool. You’ll always be kept in the loop, so you’ll never have to fret over unexpected surprises.

Are Subcontractors involved?

Having subcontractors on payroll is standard practice. Rest assured that not only all of our subcontractors are licensed and insured, but also trained professionals qualified to carry out remodeling works.

Which Areas do you Service?

We service properties and sites in and around Austin, Texas. These include Austin city, West Austin out to Horseshoe Bay, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, lake Buchanan and certain areas of Hill Country.


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