French Style Homes

Are you looking for custom style home builders to create your French style home? No matter what style of home you are hoping to build, Mangum Builders is the perfect choice for you. With many years in the home building business, we can help you create the home that you have always dreamed of. If you are wondering what French style homes are, read on to find out more!

What are French Style Homes?

French Style homes feature decorative walls of brick and stone, that come with corner quoins, steeply pitched roofs and multi-paned windows. The style appears to be a formal opulence but it comes with a cozy side too, created with rich colors on the interior that is warmed by the wooden details. The ornate decorations and curved fixtures are a key part of this style that would be best completed by an experienced custom home builder.

Key Features of French Style Homes

Here are some key features of French style homes:

  • Rustic Wood

Simplicity comes from rustic wooden furniture in the home, providing simplicity. Using timber flooring as well as a refined color palette gives off an air of sophistication.

  • Natural warm tones

The color palette draws inspiration from nature. The colors include whites, creams, greys, neutrals, light blues and blushes.

  • Parquetry

Herringbone pattern is the most common way to lay parquetry.

  • Statement Kitchen Island

A French inspired kitchen will definitely have an island, in a similar shade to the surrounding cabinets.

  • Wrought iron

A French wrought iron creates a welcoming entrance for the home.

  • Gold accents

Gold accents are a feature of French homes, which bring warmth to the neutral tones of white and grey inside the home.

  • Antique furniture

Antique furniture is used for the French Style home.

Pros and Cons of Building a French Style Home

French style homes are different from the other older homes. They have a symmetry and balance to their design, which is better than homes with an asymmetrical layout. The exterior is usually made out of brick and the home tend to have steep roofs. One unique characteristic is the tall windows that are commonly arched on the top.

The day-to-day maintenance of a French Style Home may be more expensive than a typical modern one. These homes are precious and delicate so they require more careful ways of looking after. The maintenance has to be done by someone with experience to ensure the structure of the home is kept intact. However, it is definitely worth putting in the effort to take care of a French style home, to keep it looking beautiful and exquisite.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Builders?

Mangum Builders has many years of experience in the Austin custom home building scene. We have many awards and portfolio to showcase our works. With experience in many popular styles for custom home owners, we aim to provide the best combination of tradition and trendy construction. By choosing Mangum Builders to create your custom home, rest assured that we prioritize integrity and transparency so that your home building experience will be smooth and pleasant.

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