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Mangum Builders believes in delivering top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional building materials to help our clients build a home that lasts a lifetime. We survive on dedication and close cooperation with our clients to ensure any design concepts and specifications get fulfilled to our best ability. We also practice full transparency to allow our clients to remain in the loop from the beginning until the end of the construction project. We offer a variety of styles for custom homes. Consult our building experts for more information.

What are Traditional Style Homes?

Traditional style homes are similar to country style homes but they differ in terms of how they portray more historically accurate details that help exude simple, unique charm. A traditional style home does not adhere to just a particular style but instead, it manages to combine a series of designs and features together to showcase accessibility and practicality with a classic touch. Floor plans of traditional style homes are flexible and generally basic. They can easily accommodate large families due to the extensive layout they offer which can accommodate up to four bedrooms.

Key Features of Traditional Style Homes

Traditional style homes have colors that are often soothing and calm. They also maintain interior features such as detailed millwork. Traditional style homes are known to be much more functional and this is their key distinguishing feature apart from their clean and simple design. Most traditional style homes come with little to no embellishments found on their exterior for that basic outlook. The traditional style is the most prevalent in the architecture of American homes until today. It often features an exterior that is made of stone, brick or stucco and may come with a covered porch.

Pros and Cons of Building a Traditional Style Home

Bricks may be cheaper to build with but they are not as strong as stucco or stone. They are also highly porous which may cause issues like cracks and mold to arise due to weather fluctuations. Traditional style homes also lack of modern elements which do not stand out in the neighborhood they may not necessarily fetch a high sales price.

With that said, traditional style homes are more suited to owners who are looking for a more conventional style. A traditional style home is also versatile in the sense that it can easily blend seamlessly into any location. It is great for families who can look forward to all the space they need to incorporate decks, a basement, and fireplaces.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Builders?

To meet our objective of delivering quality service in all of our projects, we continuously offer our expertise and attention to detail while being flexible in all our design plans. This allows our clients to build the home of their dreams within the stipulated timeline. By teaming up with reliable partners who have been servicing the industry for many years, we manage to guarantee consistent results as a custom home builder. This partnership allows us to create extremely magnificent homes that meet high expectations.

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