8 Interior Design Trends to Leave in 2021 When You’re Redesigning Your Interior Setting

By January 31, 2024Uncategorized

The decorating trends in 2021 are now passe. It sounds strange, considering it wasn’t that long ago, but in the world of interior decorating things change very quickly. If you have any of the most common interior design trends of 2021 in your home, it’s time to get rid of them.

1. Neutral Colors

Neutrals are completely out. Neutrals were out a year or two after 2021 already. Now the colors trend toward darker, deeper tones of vibrant color. 

2. Curves

Organic curves are lines in architecture that are made to look completely normal. Arches in doorways and in wall niches are not really organic as the supporting structures needed to create them are complex. Take out the curves and opt for angles.

3. Mid-Century Modern Is Out Again

Mid-century modern has been wildly popular on and off again. However, it is definitely off/out now. Substitute anything Mid-century Modern with things that are more comfortable, more relaxed, and less angular.

4. Bland Blues and Bold Yellows Are Out

In 2021, the ideal color palate wavered between neutrals and colors that just didn’t seem to fit with neutrals. Loud yellow and bland blue were common. Softer colors or darker hues are in.

5. No Maximalism

“Curated Maximalism” was the catchphrase in interior design in 2021. It was this idea you could max out the visual aesthetic and still make it look great. That look now looks too cluttered, and if you don’t keep up with keeping things tidy, it is overwhelming. Minimalism isn’t the answer either. A healthy medium is the right choice.

6. Avoid the Country Cottage

Unless you live in an actual country cottage, this design theme has burnt itself out. Even if you do live in an country cottage, this is done. 

7. Stop the Onslaught of Textiles

Blankets, quilts, throws, throw pillows, and linens to the max were the thing in 2021. A single comfy blanket on your couch or favorite easy chair is more than enough now.

8. Skip the Separate Room for Activities

Not that many homeowners have extra space to dedicate solely to personal activities. Skip it and stop stressing about an extra room.