What You Need To Know About New Construction Plumbing

What You Need To Know About New Construction Plumbing

When building a new home, there are a lot of factors to consider. There’s much to consider, from flooring and lighting to appliances and paint. However, when it comes down to it, plumbing is one of the most critical aspects of new home construction. Pay attention to the pipes in your new house to avoid severe problems with your plumbing later.

Thankfully for you—and us—we’ve put together this handy guide for everything you need to know about getting your new construction plumbing started right!

Inspect the Property Before Construction

You want to ensure that there are no issues with the property that could affect your plumbing system or cause problems during construction. If there is an issue, it will be easier for you and your contractor to address it before any work begins.

This includes looking at the property from an aesthetic standpoint and inspecting for any potential issues with the foundation or walls, which could cause problems later in the project.

Suppose you notice any issues with how things look or feel when walking around your home. In that case, you must contact a plumber immediately so they can take care of it before any significant damage occurs. If you’re having trouble thinking of things independently, ask someone with experience with new plumbing projects in their area for advice. They can give some good suggestions based on their projects!

Is the Property in Good Shape?

Knowing how many plumbing lines are available in the space you’re working on is essential. This will help you determine what kind of fixtures and appliances can be installed without problems.

The last thing you want is for them to tell you that there are problems with the home and then be unable to fix them because of something overlooked during construction. For this not to happen, here are a few things that should be looked over before calling in any contractors:

  • Is there adequate drainage around your home? If there isn’t enough space between buildings or other structures on your property, water may pool and cause damage over time.
  • Are all pipes properly insulated? Suppose they’re not appropriately insulated and exposed directly underground level. In that case, they could freeze during winter months if left uncovered, leading to even more costly repairs down the road!

What Type of Plumbing Will Be Installed?

The most common types include copper. This material is durable and easy to work with. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an inexpensive plastic material that’s not as strong but can still stand up well under pressure. And acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is another form of plastic that offers some flexibility. Whatever kind you choose will depend on how much money you want to spend on your pipes and whether or not they’ll be visible in any way (if so, then ABS may be best).

Plumbing contractors can determine the type of pipes best for your situation. They’ll also explain why one material makes more sense than another, given certain conditions during construction.

New Plumbing Construction Cost

The cost of installing new plumbing in your home will depend on the size of your home and the number of fixtures you want to install. The average cost is around $3,000 for a two-bedroom house with one bathroom. Still, this figure can vary depending on what type of fixtures you choose and whether or not you need expert help from a plumber.

When Can You Begin Work?

You can begin work as soon as all the permits have been issued and the city approves your plans. Once you’ve received a permit, you can start construction immediately. This step usually comes after the plumbing inspector reviews and approves your plans.

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