Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Often, bathroom remodeling ideas only come in as an afterthought for most. For a space we use so often, bathrooms surely get taken for granted.

Don’t underestimate the value of a beautiful bathroom. Besides keeping things practical, adding some aesthetic value to your bathroom can breathe new life into your home. With these bathroom remodeling ideas below, transforming your bathroom will also be a breeze.

Bring Nature a little bit Closer

Bathrooms typically feel very spartan and dull, so adding a touch of natural green can make the space feel much livelier.

But before you introduce natural elements into your bathroom, be sure to check for temperature and humidity changes. Not all plants are hardy enough to flourish in bathroom conditions, especially if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. As a rule of thumb, ferns, air plants and snake plants tend to do great.

Add a Touch of Vintage

Feeling nostalgic? Consider throwing in some retro vibes into your bathroom.

Simply using a good variation of wood can create a general nostalgic feel. For a more era- specific touch, stick to design elements relevant to the times, like wall-to-wall carpeting and sunken tubs for an 80’s feel, or pattern tiles and floral motifs for a touch of the 70’s.

Go Big with Bathroom Vanities

Today’s bathrooms often sport bathroom vanities as essential fixtures. Sleek and eye-catching, they also often set the overall tone and design of the whole bathroom.

Bathroom vanities come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. One popular trend is having open vanities that are thinly edged and sporting a console feel. Regardless of your choice, the emphasis with bathroom vanities should always be on recreating the comfort of your living room in the bathroom.

Stand out with a Standalone Tub and Sink

Few bathroom elements shout luxury louder than a standalone tub or sink. If your bathroom has room to accommodate them, these bold additions will surely give it a touch of opulence.

Standalone tubs and sinks can also double as signature art pieces. Both come in a wide variety of styles and designs nowadays, so why not pick one that gives your bathroom some character?

Don’t Forget the Feature Lights

Last but certainly not least, feature lights are one bathroom remodeling idea you absolutely can’t do without.

Lighting is everything when it comes to your bathroom’s ambience. The right type of lighting can highlight the beauty of your bathroom. Lighting can also be used to cast a spotlight on areas in your bathroom that you want users to focus their attention on.

Bring your Bathroom Remodeling Idea to Life Today

Regardless of which bathroom remodeling ideas you choose, always remember to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.  Want to experiment with different bathroom elements or different styles without any fuss? Mangum builders is here to help.

Simply share your dream bathroom with us, and we’ll work out the details together with you. Ready to see your perfect bathroom come to life? Contact us for a consultation today!


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