our approach

Three core values create foundation to streamline performance and service while reinforcing a system of delivering quality consistently.

  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm

By focusing on these tenants, Mangum Builders is easily able to adapt to market trends and consumer perceptions. With constant internal self-evaluation, Greg’s teams evolve where needed to exceed expectations and “raise the bar” for customer satisfaction and quality. Combining forces with trusted partnerships, Mangum Builders provides a cohesive theme of detail and character for your home that feels alive and fully reflects your personality and style.

our methodology

In applying core values to the principles of designing, building, remodeling  and constructing your dream home, the team at Mangum Builders follows three tenets based on dedication to you and making your vision a reality.


Thrive on communication and provide customers 24/7* direct communication and insight into each step of construction process.

  • Online portal for timelines, documentation, build notes and collaboration
  • Weekly 1:1’s with Greg to check-in and provide you dedicated time for continual feedback and goal development
  • Continual education and resources regarding all custom building activities, trends, techniques and styles

Provide everything you need to stay organized and informed on every aspect of your home.

  • Access to all bids, receipts, expenses with open book accounting
  • Daily schedule updates and estimates

Assurance of craftsmanship by aligning with your dream, vision and goals.

  • Create unique team to make home a reality
  • Adherence to timeline and delivery of milestones

greg mangum

 LinkedIn Profile

Greg began building houses in San Marcos area with his father in the early 1990’s. From his start, he continually sought out trade and market knowledge so that he could quickly and effectively implement himself as an industry leader within the Texas home construction market.

This continual search for personal development and the goal to exceed expectations provided Greg a strong foundation for building lasting and respectful relationships with not only contractors, architects and designers, but also other builders.

Greg continues to challenge “the status quo” and places commitment to staff, clients and subcontractors at the apex of Mangum Builders’ business model.


Associations, Partnerships & Teams

Mangum Builders is a proud and active member of the Austin Home Builders Association, The National Association of the Remodeling Industry and Austin Green Builders. Greg’s commitment to staff and contractors allows them to create ample partnerships and teams that work for you and for your vision. In managing hundreds of new home construction projects, many of the professionals have been on a team with Mangum Builders for an average of over 8 years!

Habitat for HumanityNational Association of The Remodeling IndustryHome Builders AssociationAustin Green BuildersThe Reuse People

“The mix of contractor, architect, and interior design must complement the owner’s desires. Creating the perfect combination gives custom home construction the fuel to grow. At Mangum Lewallen, we have the experience to put that team together.”

greg mangum