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Custom Home Remodelers in Austin, TX

You love your home, but you’d also like to make some changes—big ones. Whether it’s to account for the needs of your changing family, accommodate your evolving aesthetic tastes or simply to help your home reach its fullest potential, we’re here to transform your space so that you can love where you live. At Mangum Builders, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver your home remodeling project on time. Additionally, we will use your unique home construction ideas and match them with your lifestyle needs and budget. The goal is to transform your vision of the perfect home into a reality. 

We understand that home remodeling can sometimes be confusing for homeowners. This is why we go out of our way to keep our clients in the loop. Our team guides all clients through the home remodeling journey to make the process as simple and stress free as possible. We provide constant information to the client, and we have even invested in an online portal where our clients can access build notes, timelines, and documentation. This way, they stay informed and in control of the process.

Our Remodeling Services

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What Are Custom Home Remodeling Services?

Custom home remodeling services refer to the process of remodeling your home progressively. Typically, home remodeling projects involve a lot of work and may take some time. They are in contrast with face-lift projects where the house undergoes a quick renovation process, typically to prepare it for an upcoming sale. At the end of the process, custom home remodeling will change the entire look of your home.

Our Custom Home Remodeling Process – How We Can Help

When it comes to ransforming the look, flow or functionality of your property, Mangum Builders has a custom home remodeling process that is clear and efficient. We will be your dedicated partner from beginning to end. As expert remodeling contractors in Austin, we’re here to guide you through each decision—from initial project inception and pricing to engineering and construction—and even interior design. Our projects are large-scale endeavors, completed when you’re not living in your home.

We start by planning the process together. This way, we get to understand the vision that you have, and we then begin to translate that into blueprints and roadmaps. These roadmaps come with timelines so you can easily understand when you are going to get your dream home. This process applies to most of the projects that we undertake such as geothermal heating, structural steel homes, and so on.

Since our inception, we have been helping homeowners overcome these challenges with ease:

  • Moving a wall to create an open floor living space.
  • Raising a roofline for a dramatic aesthetic or to create more architectural space.
  • Home leveling to address foundation issues.
  • Period remodeling: updating older homes with current architecture and technologies, including:
    • Solar panels
    • Innovative HVAC systems
    • Eco-friendly water systems
    • New technologies for Internet, sound systems and cameras/surveillance protection

When Do You Need Custom Home Remodeling Services?

There are numerous reasons why people opt for home remodeling services. If you have had a home for a long time and want to change its look, home remodeling services can help. Another scenario in which one can use home remodeling services is when they want to refinance their homes. By using custom remodeling services, one can increase the value of their home and thus attract a higher refinancing/financing value.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Custom Home Remodeling Services

Mangum Builders is your best bet when it comes to custom home remodeling services. We guarantee that we will translate your vision of the perfect home into reality. Our craftsmanship is superb, and we understand that each project that we undertake is unique. In case you are worried about keeping track of your home remodeling project, you will be glad to know that we practice open-book accounting. This allows you to track every aspect of the project.

How Does Mangum Builders Make Home Remodeling Stress-Free?

Home improvement TV shows make the home renovation process appear quick and painless, but that’s not always the case. When you’re working on a large-scale home remodeling construction project, you don’t always know what’s in store. If it turns out a home has compromised structural integrity, or if you discover rot, faulty wiring, or poor insulation, it can take longer than expected to complete your project.

The common thread here is that the renovation and remodeling process can cause several headaches—that is, unless you’ve entrusted your home to a reputable contractor who will work hard to complete your project as originally scheduled and budgeted, keeping the lines of communication open and clear.

Commuincation & Transparency

Here at Mangum Builders, trust and transparency are the cornerstones of our relationships with our clients—which is to say that we’ve got your back every step of the way. We have weekly meetings with our clients in order to brief them on progress as well as ensure that the project is going in tandem with the client’s mission. 

These weekly meetings keep you up to date on every small step of the process before we take action. Should an unexpected challenge arise, we’ll work to balance it with the rest of your preferred budget and timeline.

Proven Track Record

With twenty-six years of experience in home construction and remodeling, we are trusted experts in the industry. When you choose us to help transform your home, we become a partner with a vested interest in making your home the very best it can be. We work hard to respect the original scale and spirit of your home, so that our new construction naturally integrates with the home you already love.

Because your home remodeling is our priority, we keep you informed each step of the way. That ensures that the process is quick and aligned with your budget for a stress-free and enjoyable home remodeling journey. Our number-one priority is to present you with a beautiful and functional space that you are proud to call home.


When it comes to building expertise, you cannot do better than Mangum Builders. Our work is guided by three principles namely experience, excellence, and integrity. These inform how we handle our clients and our projects. We also go out of our way to keep our clients as involved in the project as possible.

We’ll guide you through each decision so that you’re making the best choices for your needs and lifestyle. You can count on us to:

  • Closely monitor and stick to the specified project budget.
  • Be consistently attentive and responsive to your needs.
  • Maintain a timely construction schedule.
  • Keep communication consistent and transparent.
  • Provide you with regular project updates.
  • Manage all architects, vendors, and negotiations.
  • Demand the highest standards from ourselves, our partners, and all materials.
  • Maintain all necessary jobsite safety standards.
  • Present you with a home remodel that exceeds your expectations.

In all our engagements, we are always professional and courteous.

Leveraging our 26 years of experience, we have a committed and hardworking team of home remodeling experts at Mangum Builders. Our priority is to ensure that your renovation project is as stress-free as possible, and when you work with us, we become a partner with a vested interest in making your home the best it can be.

As one of Austin’s leading renovation and remodeling contractors, each new home is an exciting and rewarding challenge to us. Our team of experts has one promise for you: to deliver an extraordinary home that brings your unique vision and dream to life.

If you have any questions about our Custom Home Remodeling services, feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.


Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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