Victorian Style Homes

Are you looking for custom home builders in Austin Texas to create your Victorian style home? No matter what style of home you are hoping to build, Mangum Builders is the perfect choice for you. With many years in the home building business, we can help you create the home that you have always dreamed of. If you are wondering what Victorian style homes are, read on to find out more!

What are Victorian Style Homes?

Victorian style homes feature a unique exterior that makes use of bay windows, turrets, and peaked roofs. The home usually has two or more stories and has deep covered porches. It also has tall windows which allow light to filter into the home. It is a highly decorative home and can be highly functional as well when a smart remodel is done to fully make use of the space.

Key Features of Victorian Style Homes

Here are some key features of Victorian style homes:

  • Complicated, asymmetrical shape
  • Wood or stone exterior
  • Steep, multi-faceted roof

They tend to be steep, with a triangular shaped look facing the front of the home.

  • Two to three stories
  • Towers

Many Victorian homes have round or octagonal towers that reminds one of the medieval era.

  • Textured wall surfaces
  • Vibrant colours

They are typically painted yellow, orange or light pink.

  • One-story porch
  • Decorative trim

Pros and Cons of Building a Victorian Style Home

There are many pros to building a Victorian style home. First, it offers a whole lot of character and charm. They are unique and their embellishments provide them a distinctive look, which makes them stand out from the crowd. Next, there are a wide variety of architectural styles to choose from. You can custom build your home depending on which Victorian home style you want.

Victorian style homes tend to have smaller rooms than the modern homes which means there could be less closet space and less storage that you can make use of. However, you can find innovative ways to navigate around this. Make use of interior design and different furniture pieces to conserve space in your home so that you will be able to store your items well.

Victorian style homes also tend to need more maintenance and repairs. The embellishments found on these homes may encounter some issues. They are not commonly available so you may need to find custom work done in order to replace or repair them. However, it is worth investing in these things so that you can enjoy living in a beautiful Victorian style home.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Builders?

Mangum Builders has many years of experience as custom home builders in Austin Texas. With experience in many popular styles for custom home owners, we aim to provide the best combination of tradition and trendy construction. By choosing Mangum Builders to create your custom home, rest assured that we prioritize integrity and transparency so that your home building experience will be smooth and pleasant.

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