Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Even the simplest kitchen remodeling ideas add the biggest sparkles to your home. Kitchens are the centerpiece of any house and having a beautiful kitchen to whip up a delicious meal or simply appreciate life with loved ones in can do wonders for you.

Not sure how to give your kitchen a makeover? Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas to get you started.

Get Flashy with your Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes get a lot less attention than they deserve. While it’s true that they bear the brunt of food and oil stains, they’re also one of the most visible elements in any kitchen. That makes kitchen backsplashes ideal for adding some character into your home’s most cherished space.

There’re lots of ways to get flashy with your backsplash. If you’re willing to splurge a little, consider higher-end materials such as porcelain and natural stone. Working on a tight budget? Try a simple paint coat and use stencils to etch out some unique designs with an additional color or two.

Refresh with new Cabinets

Most of us interact with our kitchen cabinets a lot, so no surprise that they tend to wear out the fastest. Nothing screams old and dated louder than loose cabinet hinges and dull handles.

Just like kitchen backsplashes, there’re lots of ways to spruce up your kitchen with new cabinets. Veneered plywood, solid wood and hardwood are premium options for deeper pockets. For the more budget-conscious, ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets and medium-density fiberboards are highly affordable options. Do take note however, that these don’t tend to last long.

Switch up the Kitchen Flooring

If you’re looking to get serious with your kitchen remodel, consider relaying your kitchen floor. For an extra time and cost investment, you’ll be rewarded with a kitchen feeling much more reinvigorated.

Many materials are used for relaying kitchen floors. Among them, hardwood is most frequently used.

Not all hardwood is made the same though – while completely natural solid hardwood is great at dealing with changes in temperature and humidity, engineered flooring planks that use only a thin hardwood layer on top doesn’t have the same properties.

Add Focus with a Kitchen Island

Just like kitchens are the centerpiece of any home, kitchen islands are the focus of any kitchen.

Introducing a kitchen island into your kitchen requires extra care. If you want a kitchen island purely for aesthetic purposes, it might be worthwhile to settle for a smaller, but eye-catching one. Planning to use your kitchen island as a gathering spot over meals? Go big with a durable material like granite, engineered quartz or marble.

Invest in Beautiful Appliances

Kitchen appliances are what makes a kitchen tick. Not only do old appliances not do their jobs reliably, they’ll also make for an unsightly presence in your brand new, remodeled kitchen.

But before you buy just about any kitchen appliance, consider picking only those that strike a balance between form and function. Pick only appliances that complement or match the theme of your kitchen.

Bring your Kitchen Remodeling Idea to Life Today

Coming up with awesome kitchen remodeling ideas is easy but getting started on them can be confusing and even frustrating at times. With Mangum Builders at your service, simply share your perfect kitchen dreams with us and we’ll work out the details every step of the way with you.

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