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Green Building

Custom & Environment Focused

To build green or with a sustainable focus means to think of not only today, but also the future. In making it a direct intention to minimize impact a home or building has on environment, space, energy, materials and resources, can find a balance with design that ensures utility, durability, and comfort within the area around it. Mangum Builders not only has a passion for sustainability, but years of experience dedicated to bringing efficiency and environmentally responsible practicality to its homes. Greg can build for a lifestyle that not only fits you, but the land as well.


Four main types of systems (gray water, rain water, harvesting and storage), but all essentially focus on providing distribution of free resources (ie. water) after filtration and processing.


Open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation and air seal, which can be used for both new construction and renovations. Provides comfort, aids indoor air quality and promotes quieter living space.

Geothermal Systems

Reduce utility bills and carbon footprint by using energy found within the earth. Is used for both heating and cooling!


Pre-made or pre-packaged panels that can be incorporated into almost every function of the homebuilding process, including but not limited to: floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. These panels are completely recyclable, EnergyStar compliant, strong with structural integrity meaning it will not twist, shrink or bend. Due to the light weight it is fast to install and provides high quality retention of home structure over time.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)

Better known as Structural Insulated Panels, SIPs are high performance building systems, which is a foam core between two structural frames. They fit nearly any building design, are strong, energy efficient in cost and are maintenance free.

Hebel Blocks

“Autoclaved Aerated Concrete”, Hebal blocks have been used in Europe and USA over the last 80 years. Innovative design creates structural flexibility while maintaining a masonry look and feel. With comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits, Hebal blocks not only complete a building and preserve the environment but also are fast to build and require less energy to keep your home comfortable.

Solar / Wind

Inherently transformative changes to home design, both solar and wind features can fit residential and family needs, especially when used in tandem with city utilities or completely off-grid. With high performance, your home produces energy as you need it and the extra can be sold back to the community. Rebates and tax incentives are generally available.

ICF Walls

“Insulated Concrete Forms” are forming system for poured concrete walls and essentially become part of the wall (envision very strong foam cooler walls connected with intricate stainless steel rod “ties to create a trench for concrete). ICF provide durability and longevity to homes, along with high resale value due to its high energy efficiency, resistance to damage and natural disasters and management of moisture or excess water.

Structural Steel

Sustainable material that has minimal impact on the environment in terms of time of installation and lifecycle. This steel is more than 80% recyclable, strong and durable material that is inherently fire resistant.


Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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“The homes built in the last 30 years were built with the best of intentions, but technology has changed and so have the styles popular today. ”

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