Old House Renovation Ideas

Looking for some old house renovation ideas to renovate your old home? Homes often contain many memorable moments, and sometimes those moments make a home worth sprucing up for.

But renovating an old house also means having to decide what goes and what stays. Part of that not only requires discipline, but also finding that delicate balance between the new and novel, and the old and familiar.

On the lookout for some old house renovation ideas? Take a look at these ones below:

Start with the Groundwork first

It’s certainly very tempting to dive straight into a complete home makeover. But before you start knocking things up, it pays to have an inspection of your home’s existing systems and structures first.

After all, it’s a lot easier switching out old pipes, window frames and fittings before putting on wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint.

Make it Brighter and Lighter

Many old houses tend to feel very dull and depressed, either due to the wear and tear of time or a poor choice of interior color. The surroundings may also change with time, and parts of your home may obstruct beautiful views that can add some character to your home.

Consider opening up some walls to merge cramped and dark spaces in your home and expose them to more light. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also great for introducing more natural light into your home.

Introduce new Elements that Retain Character

Many old house renovation ideas call for a complete overhaul. But rather than throwing out the old in favor the new, it might be better to preserve that nostalgic touch instead.

To do so, consider replacing aged or damaged floorboards with new ones that have the same feel. If your old home has a certain theme, you may want to preserve that theme by only using elements that complement it.

The key is to present the impression that your home has been steadily touched up over time. If a change is too obvious, it may stick out like sore thumb.

Find Inspiration in your Home’s History

Another virtue of old homes is that some are rich in influences from bygone times that can be used to accentuate the uniqueness of your home.

Beyond period upholstery or furniture, some homes also feature foundations or building patterns that were built upon over time. Consider using them as a focal point when re-designing your home.

Bring Out Your Old House Renovation Ideas with Us

From laying the initial groundwork to eventually piecing together a picture-perfect home that retains its original character, putting an old house renovation idea into action takes a lot of time and effort. The last thing you want is to end up ruining the originality of your home.

Not sure how to go about your old house renovation ideas? Simple share with us what you have in mind and we’ll work out the details together with you. Ready to transform your old house into something truly new? Reach out to us for a consultation today.


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