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What are Mediterranean Style Homes?

Mediterranean style homes remind viewers of a luxurious vacation in seaside villas with beautiful architectural style. They are often based of the architecture of Mediterranean Revival which aims to emulate the sensation of living inside a lavish Mediterranean villa. This type of homes became popularized during the 1920s. This is the period when a cultural obsession with leisure and wealth led to a spike in seaside resorts. There is a total of three main styles of Mediterranean homes and they are as follows:

  • Spanish Revival: This home is influenced by Spanish colonial architecture which boasts clean, simple lines and a low-pitch roof.
  • Italian Renaissance: This home draws inspiration from buildings during the Italian Renaissance with a style that is marked by rounded arches and columns.
  • Modern Mediterranean: This home has a style with traditional characteristics with a modern twist. It focuses on an indoor-outdoor living concept with open, spacious floor plans, along with Italian and Spanish influences.

Key Features of Mediterranean Style Homes

Mediterranean style homes have an exterior that features a red-tiled roof as well as stucco or brick which is usually painted in a white shade. Carved doors, stoned details, raw iron on windows and metalwork over balconies are some of the common features of Mediterranean style homes.

Pros and Cons of Building a Mediterranean Style Home

Some of the potential challenges that come with building a Mediterranean style home is how it is not entirely suitable for colder climates. It has large windows and higher ceilings which will be quite costly to warm during winter. In addition, the traditional building materials are designed for dry, warm climates so the constant snow and cold may need regular maintenance.

Even so, owners can still go ahead with their plan to build a Mediterranean style home even within a region with a cold climate. There are energy-efficient windows that can help them with winterizing their Mediterranean home so warming it up will not be an issue. Another perk of leading a Mediterranean lifestyle is its indoor-outdoor living concept which offers an abundance of outdoor space which is great for gatherings. There will also be enough space to accommodate other features such as a patio, courtyard, or even a pool which is perfect for the summer.

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