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Green home construction is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its design, operation and construction can eliminate or reduce negative impacts on our climate and environment. Here at Magnum Builders, we designed and build environmentally friendly home for our clients. A green home preserve precious resources and improve our quality of life. Having years of experience in green home construction, we are dedicated to bring efficiency to the homes that we build. We have been building homes that strike a balance between beauty and being environmentally responsible.

What are Wind Turbines?

Small wind turbines are a cost-effective way to generate renewable energy for your home. Many homeowners now are looking for ways to capture the benefits of wind power. Small wind turbines take the magic of wind power and transform it into electricity for residential use, serving as a gateway to a cost-effective power source. Wind turbines need to be in a high wind location to make the upfront investment worthwhile. Basically, the windier the weather and the taller the turbine, the more electricity It is able to generate. In some instances, small wind turbines can potentially offset 100% of your electrical bill.

Benefits of Wind Turbines?

Wind turbines create clean and renewable energy without producing any carbon emissions. This will ensure that no damage will be cause to the environment, unlike energy produced by fossil fuels. When you install your home with a small wind turbine, you reduce your dependence on conventional electrical sources as wind power is free to harness. Though the initial cost for small wind turbines is high, within a few years, the turbines will pay for themselves. That is a great investment if you are looking for sustainability and being eco-friendly in your home. Furthermore, if you have excess wind power, you are able to sell that excess electricity to your local power company.

How does Wind Turbines Work?

Home wind turbines work on a simple principle, that the energy in the wind turns the blades around a rotor. Connected to the main shaft, this rotor spins a generator to create electrical power. Wind direction plays a factor, in which, it determines the design of the turbine. Downwind turbines face away while upwind turbines face into the wind. The blades rotate when the wind is blowing through them and this causes the rotor to spin. The gear box that is connected the low-speed shaft increases the rotational speeds of the turbine. This ensure that the generator produce electricity. The anemometer measures the wind speed and transmits the data to the controller.

Why Choose Mangum Builders’ Green Building Experts?

Magnum Builder has been able to build homes by focusing on three core values, which are experience, integrity and excellence. Our mission is to streamline performance and provide our clients with exceptional customer service. We thrive on communication and providing professional insights into every step of our process. We offer transparency and accountability in all of our builds.

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