Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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Custom Construction


Custom home development and construction process is rooted in concept and design. With many different styles, layouts and aspects of the home to think about and imagine, Mangum Builders understands it can be overwhelming for some homeowners and has created a team and process that turns home building from a daunting task to an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Our Approach

Our three core values create a foundation to streamline delivery, service and reinforces Mangum Builders’ system of providing quality through consistency.


Amenities and details that go above and beyond the normal; this is not for those who are complacent with the general concept of a “home”. Mangum Builders can provide design of any scale for the life and lifestyle of your dreams.

New / On-Trend

Designs that are destined to become market favorites. Boasting open floors, outdoor living spaces, spa-like masters, add-on mud rooms, pet stations and more!

Contemporary (mid-century – modern)

Variety in experience, one or two stories, Greg is an expert in defining the direction and guidance on features, and structural amenities that are popular, like sleek shapes and angles. These homes are characterized by clean, simple lines and use minimum ornamentation to balance focus in use of windows.

Traditional (One or more historic styles)

Fit well into any number of settings from established neighborhoods to rural lots, due to eclectic use of multiple time-periods or a “stripped down” version of one. Likely rooms include formal living and dining rooms, porches and fireplaces.


Interior, exterior or additions, when you’re looking to improve the look, feel, flow or functionality of your home, Mangum Builders wants to be your “go-to”. Bring ideas to life with a skilled, innovative design team and partners. Co-create living space you have been thinking and dreaming about.

  • Increase investment value
  • Integrate sustainable, green building practices
  • Upgrade style or layout from original purchase



Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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“We move walls, raise headers, lift ceilings, install new windows, replace brick with stone, and straighten crooked ceilings and floors. If we can get it on paper, we can do it!”

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