Best Modern Homes in Austin, Texas

view of a modern austin home

Our Favorite Modern Homes in Austin, Texas
Here at Mangum Builders, we’ve been partnering with folks all over the Austin area to co-create beautiful and functional homes for nearly 30 years. With such a long history, we’ve had experience building and designing just about every style of home imaginable. Still, we have a special place in our hearts for modern homes in Austin—here are some of our favorites. 

view of a modern austin home

Architect: Derrington Building Studio

Jessie Street House—Modern Home Remodeling

Drive by this dwelling and you may think it’s just another beautiful modern Austin home—but there’s so much more to it than catches the eye. The homeowners commissioned this house because of the respiratory issues that their old home was causing. In addition to low natural lighting, their old home also had poor site drainage, which caused in a mold infestation. The goal of the new home was to maintain a healthier environment overall—a case in putting function before form.

This house screams modern design from its clean lines, subdued aesthetic and open-air staircase. But it’s also in what you can’t see at first glance. The health issues caused by the mold prompted these builders to use insulated concrete forms (ICF) and low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials—as well as innovative HVAC equipment for a mold-free home.

view of modern austin home

Architect: MJ Neal Architect

Transformer—A Modern Home with Quirk

We love this next home because, in addition to being modern, it just feels so Austin. The bright Robin’s egg blue gives this modern home—a style that usually incorporates stark white or earthy colors—a playful and retro vibe, and we love when homeowners add their own punches of personality to a home. 

Architecturally speaking, this home is also so very Austin, with its ability to blur the line between interior and exterior. A garage-door-style wall completely opens the indoors to the outside, making it a cinch to feel part of nature without even leaving the comfort of the couch—or rocking chair, in this case. The home also features multiple skylights in the kitchen, as well as a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door in the bedroom, which maximizes natural light in nearly every room of the home. 

interior of modern austin home

Stratford Twilight—A Modern Home Goes Green

We couldn’t be more proud of our custom green home build the Stratford Twilight, which incorporates plenty of the hallmarks of great modern design. First up are the eco-friendly practices employed in all aspects of the home build, from using recycled construction materials to implementing a rainwater collection system for preserving natural resources. With an open-floor layout, high ceilings and a floating staircase, this modern home utilizes space in a way that feels expansive and welcoming. With the added bonus of luxury amenities—including a stand-alone bathtub and fireplace in the bathroom—this home doesn’t skip on environmentally friendly practices or lavish comforts. 

interior of luxury modern home

Singleton Bend—Modernity Meets Whimsy

The Singleton Bend home is a personal favorite of ours here at Mangum Builders, and not just because we built it. The stone walls and heavy beam trusses create a warm and homey feel that’s just right for a kitchen, while pops of industrial chic—like the metal-paneled wall you see in the photo—add a sleek and modern touch. 

We also love the sense of quirkiness these homeowners were serious about adding, and we were happy to work in the playful touches that would truly make their house feel like home. These included an oversized outdoor chess board, perfect for entertaining kids and adults all year round. We also incorporated their personal collection of ephemera—including a manhole cover and treasured coins and kitchen utensils—into their home’s concrete floors for a completely personalized and unique look.

Looking for Modern Homes in Austin, Texas?

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