Lake Austin Architecture Trends

Lake Austin Architecture Trends

A waterfront view is quite possibly at the top of the list for ideal features of a dream home. Waterfront homes are some of the most highly coveted real estate regardless of geographic location, but it’s especially true in Austin. When it comes to Lake Austin, the living is easy—and stunning, too. Homeowners in this area enjoy the stunning beauty and serenity of the lake—all while being just a short drive from the heart of downtown.

If you’re planning to build your dream home on or near Lake Austin, you may be looking for some building and design inspiration. You’re in luck, because we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative and enviable architecture trends that are popping up in Lake Austin homes—check them out below. 

Hidden Tech

There’s no question that technology rules our homes today. It makes our lives easier by automating so many of our chores, like cleaning our floors or starting a load of dishes at the push of a button. But sometimes we want to use that technology without having to see it—and that’s where hidden tech comes in. 

Architects and designers have devised clever ways to seamlessly integrate this kind of tech into your home—or even give you the option to hide it altogether when not in use! For example, TVs are one of the biggest eyesores that can really interrupt the design flow of a room. There are plenty of ways to combat this, though, from a TV that’s concealed behind a bi-fold painting, architectural doors or a sliding panel, to a mirror TV, which is a projection and therefore involves no equipment whatsoever. The hidden-behind-panels approach is also popular for kitchen technology, such as the dishwasher or refrigerator, giving you a sleek sense of style no matter which room you’re in. 

Flexible Design

Every family is unique, with its own set of needs and design styles. That’s why cookie-cutter homes—and floor plans, specifically—just don’t add up to an ideal, custom-designed dream home. And that’s where flex design comes into play to save the day. 

Lake Austin homeowners are increasingly opting for design that reflects their ever-changing lifestyle, whether that’s a room that pulls double duty—think a guest room/home office—or ditching the formal dining room for a casual entertainment room, or even unique and beautiful ways to make home technology blend in with a room’s design. The bottom line is, you should love every inch of your home, not just certain rooms, and a good builder and designer can help you achieve that. 

Green Design

Sustainable design has been gaining traction for Lake Austin homeowners for the past few years as more residents opt for environmentally friendly solutions such as solar panels, rainwater collection systems and passive home construction. Of course, you can still incorporate eco-responsible design and building techniques that don’t require so much investment or space. Even something as simple as implementing energy-efficient appliances—think Energy Star dishwashers or laundry machines—as well as low-flow toilets and showerheads, sustainable building materials and eco-friendly lighting. 

Statement Staircases

As the biggest piece of architecture inside your home, the staircase is more than just the piece that connects floors. Rather, it’s the starting point of design in a new space—after all, it’s often the first thing you see when you enter a home, which is why it should make an immediate impact. 

Lake Austin homeowners are having fun embracing the countless designs that are possible in the staircase trend. From ultra-modern floating steps and see-through risers to curved steel, open treads with glass balustrades, or even boldly painted wooden steps, there are endless ways to create a staircase that’s not only practical but design forward, too. 


This trend is taking cues from Texas homes of the past. Dogtrot architecture is a style of home featuring a wide breezeway that connects two halves of the house. This breezeway design—which can be a screened-in porch or even left open—was originally created to provide airflow through the center of the home—an absolute must for steamy Austin summers. But it’s more than just a place to keep cool. Because the two main living areas are separated, it provides more privacy and quiet on each side. This is a great feature for active families or for homeowners who often have guests stay over. 

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