Top 4 Tips to Determine Your Design Style Before You Start Remodeling Your Home

By July 3, 2024Uncategorized

You want to remodel, but you have no idea where to start. In fact, you can’t really describe your personal design style for your home. Rather than just telling everyone your design style is “electic” to avoid the question, you can find out what your design style actually is.

1. Search Through Home Improvement Magazines

Do you know how many magazines are focused on interior design? There’s a lot, and each one generally caters to a specific aesthetic. Go to a bookstore or a news stand and look for home design magazines. If you see covers you like, buy those magazines and flip through them. If you find a lot of ideas in one or two particular magazines, that’s probably your personal design style.

2. Shop Home Goods Stores and Departments 

Shopping home goods stores and departments can help you define what you like too. The details in design are what ties the whole look and the whole room together. Take snapshots of things that really catch your eye and make you excited about remodeling your home.

3. Hire an Interior Decorator/Designer

Hire an interior decorator or designer, or at the very least, consult with one. These people went to school with the sole intent of studying interior design styles and the history of home design and decorating. They can help you determine the design styles that really appeal to you, like mid-century modern, cottage chic, futuristic, etc.

4. Talk to a Contractor About Changing the Layout of Your House

Sometimes changing the layout of your home by taking down walls or adding walls can really add to the design aesthetic too. A contractor can show you how the missing or added walls can make rooms look before you make the decision to remove or add. Virtual design software used by a lot of contractors now can show you how your rooms would look once completed.