Home Remodel vs. Home Renovation: Is There a Difference?

Home Remodel vs. Home Renovation Is There a Difference

It happens to all of us: we start watching a home improvement show, and suddenly we feel like we are experts in home renovation. Or is it remodeling? Or are they the same thing? 

These shows are great for inspiration and entertainment, but sometimes they can lead to confusion. Home renovation and remodeling are two different types of projects that share an end goal of improving an existing structure. Understanding these terms and processes can help you when you decide to move forward on a home improvement project.

Home Renovation: Updates and Replacements

The word renovate literally means to make something new again. Home renovations include projects that update or refresh the look of your space. Applying a tile backsplash in your kitchen, adding crown molding in your dining room, painting bathroom cabinets or putting new flooring in the living room are all examples of renovation projects. 

Renovation is not just about making things pretty, though. A renovation may also be to repair or replace areas in your home that are outdated or need fixing. This might look like replacing a damaged garage door, switching out windows for better insulation or re-roofing your home. If what you are looking to do is update, refresh, replace or repair your space, it’s likely that a home renovation is the type of project you need.

Home Remodeling: Shifting and Lifting

One might compare a home renovation to a makeover for your house. Using that same idea, a home remodel would be more like cosmetic surgery. A remodel is a project that alters the structure of your property. If you would like to combine a utility closet with the upstairs bathroom to turn a three-quarter into a full bath, or add another stall to your garage, these would be remodel projects. 

Home remodeling is doesn’t include just moving walls, though, as cutting new exterior windows or lifting ceilings would also be considered remodeling your home. Because home remodeling shifts the structure of your home and may require moving wiring, plumbing or other systems, these projects tend to take longer and cost more than renovations. 

Though a remodel may require a larger financial and time investment, it also may do more to increase the value or enjoyment of your space. If you decide to do a renovation when you actually want a remodel, you may not be as satisfied with the result.

Should I Do a Home Remodel or a Home Renovation?

When trying to decide which type of project to take on, it’s important to determine the root cause for your home improvement needs. For example, if you are thinking of repainting your living room because the space feels cramped, consider whether a fresh coat of paint will do enough to make up for a low ceiling or lack of windows. Similarly, if you decide to take out a wall between your kitchen and living room to increase the resale value of your home, consider whether the investment necessary for this project matches your expectations for selling your home. 

Also keep in mind that what might seem like a small repair or replacement job could turn into something larger if it reveals a bigger issue. Reaching out to a contractor with remodel expertise can help you determine whether your project requires a renovation or a remodel, and also can give you the peace of mind of having expert assistance should the project become more complex than you first expected.

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