The Complete Process Of Building A House

A new home being built with wood, trusses and supports

Before you even think about how to start building a house, you need to understand how it works clearly. There are so many different steps to build a house, and it’s important to get the information correct from the beginning.

So here is an in-depth guide on how to start building a house the right way, step by step.

Find And Purchase The Lot

Finding the perfect lot can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! You can do a few things to find the perfect lot for your house. First, you’ll need to know the distance from the center of your house to the extreme ends of the lot. Then, estimate the circumference of the lot based on how far your house is from the center and how much space you have left at the sides. After you’ve got the distance and circumference of the lot correct, look for lots with similar characteristics. Several tools can help you with this, including a mapping service and a home inspector.

Research The Type Of House You Want

Once you’ve found the perfect lot, it’s time to start researching the type of house you want. The most popular houses in the U.S. are single-family detached, traditional, and townhouses. A traditional house typically has a concrete foundation, metal siding, and a shingled roof and is typically rectangular. Some townhouse houses have a lower impact on the ground, such as the hip-roof design. You will also likely want to research possible zoning for your property to determine if you can build on-site or if you’ll need to hire professionals to build the house for you.

Research And Hire The Building Team

Once you’ve selected the type of house you want, it’s time to start researching and hiring the team to build it. This could be a real estate agent, contractor, or a team of 3D modelers, among others. You’ll need to research the cost of hiring a team of professionals, particularly if you are not familiar with construction. A good rule of thumb is to hire a smaller team that could finish the job in less time.

Get The Required Permits From The Township

After you’ve hired the team and chosen the type of house you want, it’s time to get the required permits from the township. You’ll need to get the documents before the team can begin construction. You may be required to apply for a building permit before starting to acquire the required permits. Some townships require a certain number of permits before considering your plans for a building.

Prepare The Land For The Foundation Or Basement

Once you’ve obtained the required permits and started the building process, it’s time to prepare the land for the foundation or basement. This may include digging drainage trenches, installing footing plates, laying water pipes, installing vent pipes, and installing septic systems. Your foundation or basement will provide the proper stability for your house, as well as serve as a strong foundation for your house. It may also be used to support the house’s floors, walls, and roof.

Install Footings

Footings are the bottom foundation members. They serve as anchor points for your foundation and help balance the house’s weight on the top and bottom foundations. You will typically build wooden or steel footings using a couple of 2x4s and 2x6s. You’ll need to securely fasten the footings to the ground using steel straps or bolts.

Pour The Foundation, Install Drains, Sewers, Taps

Once you’ve secured the footings, poured the foundation, and installed the drains, sewers, and taps, you are ready to start building your house! The foundation of your house should be prepared at this point, as should the walls and roof.

Have An Inspection Done On The Foundation

Once the foundation is prepared, it’s time to have an inspection done on the foundation. This can be done by a professional land surveyor or a home inspector. You should have the foundation tested for water infiltration, soil soundness, and structural integrity. Water infiltration is the amount of water within the base of the foundation. If the foundation is in good shape, it’s time to build the house!

Final Thoughts

Building a house can seem like an endless cycle of research and work. The good news is that the hard work is worth it. After all, building a house is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. You will truly appreciate the time and effort that built your dream house once you’re inside!