Somewhat contrary to its name, Texas Modernism has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why. Due to great vision and timeless designs, it’s very popular—especially in the Austin area, which embodies “Texas” and “modern” better than anywhere else.  

At Mangum Builders we have been building homes in the Texas Modern style for decades, and we never get tired of it. This sleek yet simple style is a great showcase for understated elegance, and we are always excited to match it to your unique vision! 


A Lone Star favorite since the 1920s and 30s, Texas Modernism is defined by lots of steel, large windows, square lines and plenty of limestone. This style displays all the things that scream “Texas” in a home, married perfectly with modern flourishes that allow homeowners to soak up the natural beauty around them. These homes are often favored by people who want to show off their roots while expressing an appreciation for modern comfort and elegance. 

Texas Modern homes have grown in popularity over the years, with their dependence on glass and steel providing a delightful pairing of rural and urban.

Though these homes might stand out next to some of the more traditional styles found in rural areas, more and more people are choosing Texas Modern for residential architecture, and for good reason. Especially in a place that values sustainability like Austin, these homes are perfectly suited for sustainable builds and incorporation with their surroundings; even with their straight lines and hard edges, the core of a Texas Modern home is harmony with the land it is built on.  

You’ve no doubt seen Texas Modern style homes on the rise in the Austin area, especially in more residential areas, but we believe there’s still plenty of opportunity to stand out with this style. Some specific features of Texas Modern style include

  • Lattice-work awnings or balcony sidings 
  • Unconventional floor plans that maximize flow in exciting new ways
  • Simple, clean colors that incorporate with the stonework 
  • Sprawling balconies and outdoor seating areas
  • Large windows and plenty of interior display space


You want your home to embody the best of Texas, so why not choose a Texas home builder who’s a fixture of the Austin custom home builder scene? At Mangum Builders we have over seventy collective years of experience, and along the way we’ve assembled a network of local vendors that you’ll love working with. 

When you hire us as your custom home builders in Austin, you’ll get a team with an established track record of success. We are ready and eager to

  • Construct a home that fits with your vision, whatever “Texas” and “modern” mean to you
  • Develop your property to perfectly complement your house so that you get the most from your home and surroundings
  • Update or remodel your existing home, so that your uniquely Texan home can feel more modern
  • Embrace Austin’s sustainability ethos by building with green materials and setting your home up to be energy efficient

Mangum Builders operates by the driving principles of expertise and integrity, and there’s nothing more Texan than that! Contact us to get started on your Texas Modern style home today.