Six Modern Home Design Trends We Love

Davenport Mountain_Exterior_03_Entry View Night

We have been building homes around Austin since the 1990s, so one might think we have seen it all. However, we have learned that each new project brings at least one innovative element to keep us on our toes. 

Observing modern design trends as modern home builders in Austin is especially exciting, because this style is on the cutting edge by its very nature. Our favorite modern homes of Austin incorporate trends that capitalize on the city’s unique culture, climate and location. Here are six trends that we love to see in modern homes.

Mixed Materials


Contrasting elements is a dynamic way to create intrigue in home design. Bringing mixed materials together in a space highlights their unique qualities while bridging their similarities to make a one-of-a-kind space. 

For example, combining exposed wooden ceiling beams, metal track lights and a wall of windows will draw eyes up to where the warmth of the wood is accentuated by the metallic chill. The passage of daylight through the windows will shift the tone of this interaction throughout the day and across the seasons. The room will always feel fresh and invigorating. Mixed materials are one way that modern homes capture Austin’s shape-shifting nature.

Statement Light Fixtures


A common theme in modern home design is clean lines with limited decoration. But what could be more fun than breaking a style rule? That’s where statement light fixtures come in. 

These eye-catching features serve as focal points in open spaces like the dining area, atrium or living room. Whether they are composed of large orbs, intricate metalwork or a cascade of bare bulbs, statement light fixtures brighten the space both literally and tonally. Anyone who has wandered into the scope of an Austin moontower knows how dramatic lighting makes a place special.

Window Walls


Modern design is known for its airiness. Window walls are an effective and striking way to bring in natural light and create an airy atmosphere. Modern home builders in Austin use window walls to showcase our sunny climate. Window walls also create a feeling of spaciousness so being indoors doesn’t seem cramped, even on those rare days when it is too unpleasant to be outside.

Open Layouts


Another trait of modern homes is openness. The trend of open layouts allows modern style houses to really shine. Open floor plans work especially well when they combine spaces where a natural flow of activity exists, such as kitchen, dining and living rooms. This integration of space creates a zen feel, making modern homes calming retreats within Austin city limits.

Multi-tiered Roofs


Austin is a city with many striking views. Hill Country landscapes, lake lookouts and the Austin skyline are just three examples of the sights that modern home builders in Austin use to orient projects. Multi-tiered roofs allow multiple vantage points to appreciate the surrounding scenery. 

The varying roof levels also add opportunities for elevated ceilings and clerestory windows, bringing in more of that airy, open space desired in modern homes. These roofs also make for dramatic exteriors, so go ahead and add curb appeal to their list of benefits.   

Indoor/Outdoor Flow



The best modern homes in Austin incorporate modern design into outdoor spaces like patios, decks and pools. Adding luxuries such as kitchens, fireplaces, ceiling fans and lighting to the outside makes it easy to entertain or relax al fresco any time of day or night. Rooms that open to the outdoors allow for airflow and fluid transition between interior and exterior spaces. By integrating indoor and outdoor living, modern homes make full use of every square foot.

At Mangum Builders we will use our years of experience and expertise as modern home builders in Austin to help you build your dream home. Contact us about creating a modern home you’ll love forever.