How to Buy a House in Austin

By January 21, 2021Uncategorized

So you want to move to Austin. We can’t say we blame you! This incredible area is chock-full of all the things that make Texas such an iconic destination, as well as being a cultural hub the likes of which is hardly seen throughout the United States. Here you get the best of both worlds — whether you gravitate toward city life or rural tradition, you’re sure to fit in. Now that you’ve found your city, let’s take a look at some of the key steps to learn how to buy a house in Austin and get your new life started!

Get Pre-Approved

This is the first and most important step when it comes to buying a home, as it causes a lot of other dominoes to line up in your planning. When you get pre-approved for a loan, you will quickly get an idea of what price range to look in, what cash is needed for closing and what your monthly mortgage payment will be. The Austin market is ultracompetitive, so taking care of this ensures you won’t have to waste any time getting in a quick offer once you’ve found the perfect place!

Find Your Spot

So you want to live in Austin, but where exactly do you want to live? Austin, as the saying goes, contains multitudes, and figuring out what makes for your ideal fit will help you narrow your search. Come up with a list of what you’re looking for, and then start house hunting in those areas! Travis County features low tax rates across the board, but some neighborhoods definitely have lower property taxes than others. Building a custom home or remodeling a home is also always an option, so a prime location can be prioritized over the house itself. 

Get a Realtor 

Whether you work with an agency or an independent agent, finding a good realtor makes your life a lot easier. They do a lot of the ground work in finding houses within your budget and will be a valuable asset when it comes to closing time. A good realtor should be someone you can trust, so make sure to read their reviews, and it’s even better if you can get a referral from a trusted source! 

Make an Offer

Once you’ve found a house that meets all your criteria, submit an offer letter! There’s always a certain financial strategy in this, so once again a realtor will be a big help at this stage. Once your offer is submitted, the seller will either accept, counter or reject your offer, at which point you can resubmit or move on to a new choice. 

Get an Inspection/Appraisal 

Bringing in an inspector is of vital importance once your offer has been accepted. They will identify any repairs that may be needed so that you can ask the seller to complete repairs on the house or offer you a credit to make sure you are getting fair value. Once you’ve bought the house, the last thing you want are barriers keeping you from moving in, and getting a good appraisal helps eliminate those potential obstacles. This is another area where connections to a good builder can help if any repairs or renovations are required. 

Closers Get Coffee

Once everything is sorted and your house has passed inspection and your final walkthrough, it’s time to sign on the dotted line. Make sure everything checks out with your loan and your paperwork, then make the down payment and closing costs. Congrats! You’re now a homeowner! 


Of course, the journey of owning a home is rarely completed just by getting the keys. It’s a labor of love to get to your dream home, and whether you want additions or renovations, Mangum Builders is happy to bring their expertise and experience as Austin custom home builders to your corner. Contact us to get started today!