6 Lake Activities for Social Distancing Summer Fun in Austin


Though this one is unique due to social distancing mandates, summer is still a wonderful time to be in Austin, Texas. And being at the lake makes summer in Austin even better. Lucky for us, lake activities can easily be done while maintaining a six-foot distance from others. Here are six of our favorite things to do on the lake, whether you’re accessing the water from a secluded Lake Austin custom home or a public park on Lake Marble Falls.

Go for a Swim

No matter what your favorite stroke is, the lakes surrounding Austin provide plenty of space for cooling off by swimming laps. Though crowded beaches may not be ideal for maintaining social distance, Austin’s proximity to the chain of Highland Lakes allows you plenty of shoreline to explore for a quiet inlet. 

If you like to mix in a campfire after a day of swimming, there are many options for parks with camping and beach access around the recreation hub of Lake Travis. You can even make it a day-long adventure, and include some early morning hiking or bird watching before you swim!

Take Out a Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up paddleboarding is a great trend that’s here to stay. Whether you own your own board or prefer to rent, you can easily find access to take your board out for alone time. Or meet up with a group of friends—maintaining a safe distance from others is easy when each of you is on your own board. If you have a pup who loves the water, you can bring your dog out on the board with you!

Once you’ve paddled out from the shore, you can sit down and meditate, take a nap or do some yoga. If you lose your balance, just call it an impromptu swim! You can even do some sightseeing from the water, like checking out the wildflowers surrounding Lake Marble Falls. Plus, stand up paddleboarding is a full-body workout, so you can use it as an excuse to stop for ice cream on your way home. 

Make a Kayak Escape

If you haven’t taken the time to explore our local lakes from a kayak, you are missing out on a great adventure. Don’t worry, there are ample opportunities to take out a kayak this summer. If you don’t have a kayak handy, you can rent one from a boat rental stand near a public boating access point. 

Kayaks are well suited to explore any body of water, and going out on the lake is a perfect way to get a unique view of your surroundings. Lake Buchanan’s Fall Creek waterfall, rock formations, and lighthouse are examples of the kinds of gems you’ll be able to see up close. When you’re done sightseeing, you may even be able to hook a few fish!

Sail Away

What is it about sailing that is so romantic? Is it the wind in your hair? Or the drama of raising and lowering the sails to propel the vessel across the waves? Whatever it is, a day on a sailboat wipes away the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnects you with the elements.

Lake Travis is one of the best spots to go sailing due to its large size and reputation as a haven for water fun. With plenty of options for you to launch or rent a sailboat from one of its many marinas, you’ll just need to decide which direction you want your hair to blow. 

Get on a Boat

Every family loves a day out on the boat, and there’s a boat for every kind of family. Whether you enjoy the high-octane excitement of a speedboat or the relaxed putter of a pontoon, spending time on the water is a nice break after weeks spent together indoors. You’ll find no shortage of boat ramps around Austin, and there are also ample boat rentals and fuel stops.

If you enjoy water sports, you may want to do some water skiing or tubing. Don’t worry if you can’t find a boat driver; you can get the same rush from taking out a jet ski. After some time riding the waves, you’ll be ready to wind down at a family barbecue back on dry land.   

Plan a Fishing Trip 

Another great lake activity with built-in social distancing is fishing. Because you need plenty of room to cast and avoid drifting into another fisher’s zone, you will naturally maintain a safe distance. Depending on the type of fish you’re angling for, you may be able to fish from the water’s edge. However, if you want the top catch, you’ll have the best opportunities from a boat.

Though every lake around Austin has a unique stock, catfish and sunfish are the local standards. You’ll have the best luck at Lake Buchanan, which has a diverse stock of white bass, striped bass, largemouth bass, and crappie, in addition to the standards. Once you’ve caught the big one, you can retire your rod and grill your fresh catch back at the ranch.

Though this summer may feel a little different, there is still plenty of lake fun to be had. If you wish that you could enjoy the lake all year round with more privacy, you might consider carving out your very own lakeside place. As Austin custom home builders, Mangum Builders constructs homes all around the area including Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, and Lake Buchanan. Contact us today to get started on making your lake life dreams a reality.