5 Reasons Structural Steel Is the Ideal Building Material for Texas Homes

5 Reasons Structural Steel Is the Ideal Building Material for Texas Homes

When building your Texas dream home, it’s easy to get your head caught in the clouds while imagining the perfect master bedroom, living room or kitchen. But before you get too far, you first need to focus on building your foundation. 

Though steel may not be your first thought for a home, this material is having a hot moment right now. And it’s not just a passing fad. We have a strong feeling that steel construction for homes is here to stay. Here are five reasons why structural steel is the best choice for custom built homes in the Texas Hill Country.

1. Structural Steel Is Strong

It sounds simple, but they called Superman the “Man of Steel” for a reason. The durability of steel construction homes makes them well matched to the elements of Central Texas. Though storms in the Austin area can pack a punch, these homes stand strong through wind, rain, hail and even lightning.

Unlike wood and cement, steel maintains its shape though shifting temperatures. It’s also water resistant, so flooding and leaks are not worries for owners who opt for steel home construction. Finally, termites, carpenter ants and other wood-eating insects are stopped in their tracks—like any baddie who tries to take on Superman.

2. Steel Homes are Healthy Homes

Folks in Austin know our fair city struggles when it comes to being allergy-friendly. But even if the allergy counts are high outside, you can create an indoor safe haven for yourself and your family by opting for steel frame home construction. 

Steel is mold resistant, so the interior and exterior stay clear, even in the rainiest seasons. Its structural integrity also helps keep other allergens like cedar and oak pollens out of your living spaces.

3. Steel Makes Building Easier

Builders love working on steel construction residential homes, because when it comes to steel, we have our work cut out for us. Literally! Steel framing is engineered at a plant, so it comes ready to lay out and assemble.

Because a simpler build is also quicker, using steel in your frame shaves time off your project’s schedule. Not only does this mean that you get into your dream home faster, but it will also save you money when it comes to labor costs. What’s not to love about that?

4. Steel Allows for Better Design

Steel beam home construction really shines when it comes to design. Because structural steel allows designers to use unorthodox shapes and materials, these homes have a unique flair. Austin homes keeping it weird with window walls, multi-tiered roofs and mixed materials often use steel frames.

Those who favor the open spaces and natural light featured in sustainable design will find that steel post and beam home construction also fits their needs. Steel itself is a sustainable material, so it makes for not only a green home but a greener planet as well.

5. Steel is Good for Your Wallet

Steel frame home construction cost is often less than that of traditional frames, and you’ll continue to save for years to come. The durability of structural steel means less spending to maintain and repair your home. Its energy efficiency will save you money on cooling and heating bills. And because steel is fire resistant, your insurance premiums will be lower, too.

When it comes to choosing the best building material for your Hill Country home, steel is a great fit. At Mangum Builders, we have years of experience in using structural steel in our custom homes and remodels. Let us use our expertise to make your home extra special.

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