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Custom Home Builder & Remodeler in Tarrytown, Texas

You’ve come to Tarrytown for its upscale neighborhoods, progressive vibe, and incredible location; naturally, you want a builder that can keep up with your vision. So why choose Mangum?

We are experienced Texas custom home builders, having collectively spent over seventy years on the job. We have built hundreds of dream homes for clients around Tarrytown, so if an issue arises, chances are we are already equipped to handle it with expertise. Whether you lean toward the urban feel of downtown Austin or embrace the rustic proclivity of nearby Lake Travis, we make it our business to bring excellence and integrity to every part of the job.

Mangum Builders takes pride in our beautiful craftsmanship, but when you choose us you get so much more than aesthetic. We know what it takes to create a home in Tarrytown because we’ve been at home here for years. We know the community and its best vendors and designers, and we’re committed to bringing them to your project.

We make it our aim to communicate regularly with you and the build team in a transparent fashion. We are available for your questions throughout the build process using an online portal. Check out our How It Works page to explore how we uphold our values on every project from start to finish.


Tarrytown puts you right at the center of the action, located perfectly between downtown Austin and beautiful Lake Travis. At Mangum we believe that your dream home should accommodate any event you can envision, from cooldown cookouts after a lake day to intimate screenings of your favorite movie. Whether you’re keen on the outdoors or looking for a retreat from the heat, we know you want to maximize your home into a destination in its own right, one worthy of the upscale surroundings.

Whatever your angle, at Mangum Builders we are well equipped to bring our hard-won expertise into your corner. From our decades of experience working on Tarrytown houses, we have developed several specialized skill sets, including:

  • Custom construction. Your house, your vision! Some may want to play up the way Tarrytown is nestled into the Texas greenery; others may want to stand out with an iconic, Spanish hacienda build. Our clients vary in what they see when they picture their dream home, but we will use our know-how to bring it to life.
  • Land development. There’s nothing too big or too small when it comes to making sure your property provides you with maximum value. Need the land leveled to provide the perfect tableau for your standout house? We’ve done that. Want to take advantage of what’s already there, down to digging your own wells and septic systems? We’ve done that too. Mangum is here for more than just the house; we want to make sure everything surrounding it is everything you want.
  • Green building. Many Tarrytown residents are committed to conservation, realizing the full value of their property without damaging it’s natural environment. We share that commitment. As an active member of Austin Green Builders, we have made it our business to help clients reduce their environmental impact by building with sustainable and energy-efficient materials, including 80% recycled steel and ICF (insulated concrete forms) walls that are sure to drive down your utility bills.
  • Remodeling and renovations. Tarrytown is known for its beautiful, historic houses, and we take pride in continuing that tradition. Maybe you want to take a unique older property and transform it into something modern, or maybe you want to do a full tear-down to make way for a totally fresh vision. As members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Mangum Builders is a home remodeling contractor with expertise to take something old and make it shine.
  • Ranch construction. Ranch houses are a Tarrywood tradition, and we are just the builder to make sure that a classic still manages to be uniquely you. We are experts at creating ranch properties that reflect the individual styles of our clients, and we want to use that experience to make sure your property is the perfect fit.

To see our expertise on display, peruse our gallery of our favorite properties. We’ll hope to see yours in the list someday soon!


Choosing a Texas home builder is a big decision, but we’ve made it an easy one by consistently building toward excellence. Contact us at Mangum Builders today, and watch your Tarrytown dream become a reality.


Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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“As leaders in the field of home building, we get chosen for what we know, how long we have been building and for our integrity and enthusiasm in what we do. There are a lot of choices available to our customers and we respect their ideas, their values and their desires. Building the house is only part of what we do, we also build relationships.”

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