Custom Home Builder & Remodeler in Sunset Valley, TX

Sunset Valley is the perfect escape for those wishing to be close to the action while maintaining a quiet sense of rural life. Here you can have it all, whether you favor the sights and sounds that make Austin one of America’s favorite cities or are simply looking for a more traditional slice of Texas. This is a tight-knit community where luxury goes hand in hand with the natural landscape. In such a lovely setting, it’s easy to get anywhere but always hard to leave. 

As respected veterans of the Sunset Valley custom home builder scene—we have over seventy years of collective experience in this area—Mangum Builders is proud to offer a steady hand in your quest for the perfect home. Our extensive experience means that we are able to assist you every step of the way: whether it’s identifying the perfect property for your build, developing the land you’ve already chosen, finding the right architect or financing the whole project, we are here to help you start your life in Sunset Valley as soon as possible. 

As an added—and in our view, essential—bonus, our years of work in this area mean we already have relationships with the best vendors and designers in Sunset Valley, partners that have already proven themselves to be trusted contributors to excellence. Our established network means that whatever your project needs, every option you face will be a good one. 

Building a home is an exercise in trust, and we have the consistent track record to earn that trust. We make ourselves constantly available through our online portal for any questions you have along the way, no matter what aspect of the build you need assistance with. We understand that there are numerous decisions to make, and we do whatever we can to help shoulder that burden. But because this is ultimately your project, we stay in constant communication with you from day one until move-in. 

To explore how we uphold our values on every project from start to finish, check out our How It Works page.


Sunset Valley is quintessentially Texas, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. We’re happy to fulfill your vision, even if it takes inspiration from the finest French styles or a more classic Victorian remodel. Then again, there’s no reason not to lean into the area’s southern roots: we’re just as comfortable building you a Spanish hacienda or a traditional Texas farmhouse. Whatever your dream is, we’re here to make it a reality. 

From our decades of experience working on houses in this area, we have developed several specialized skill sets, including:

  • Custom construction. Pair your unique vision with our unwavering expertise! We love working with creative visionaries who aren’t afraid to dream big. Peruse our playbook for starting points, but put your own flair on the project; we’re here to help you do it! 
  • Land development. We aren’t limited when it comes to construction: at Mangum we know that a home extends beyond the house itself. Whether you want a landscaped courtyard for entertaining or a swimming pool for surviving those hot Texas summers, there’s no need to find additional contractors to implement all the right features around your house. 
  • Green building. As proud members of Austin Green Builders, we are committed to not only conserving the natural beauty of your surroundings, but also helping you save money over the long term with our energy-efficient solutions. Let us outfit your home with solar panels or rainwater collection so that nothing goes to waste. 
  • Remodeling and renovations. Maybe you’d rather reclaim an older building for your new home, or simply give your place a modern facelift. Mangum Builders is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, so whatever your makeover needs, we have you covered. 
  • Ranch construction. One of our most affordable options but also the most customizable, ranch houses are a favorite among our clients because of the numerous opportunities they provide. A ranch house can be built as big as Texas, with plenty of room to show off your unique style. Whatever is important to you, put it on display with a classic ranch house as your showcase.  

To see our expertise, peruse our gallery of our favorite properties. Your future home could be the next addition! 


Choosing Sunset Valley means you get all the convenience of a big city while maintaining the comforts of a quieter neighborhood. And choosing Mangum Builders as your Austin custom home builder means the balancing act of perfection can start right away. Contact us to get started today!