Custom Home Builder & Remodeler in Lakeway, TX

Lakeway is a great spot to rise above the worries of the world and enjoy nature’s offerings. You can hike through the wonderful parks and trails, let the lake breeze wash over you and soak up incredible views from the hilltops. When you’re done, make your way back to your dream home to recharge so you can do it all over again. And if you need a city escape, Austin’s hip nightlife is just a short drive away. 

As experienced Austin custom home builders, we have been working in the Lakeway area for years—over seventy, collectively—so we have all the tools to make the process of building your dream home as smooth as the home is stylish. Over the course of many successful builds, we have handled a variety of challenges and consistently delivered homes to happy customers. That’s not a brag; it’s our track record. 

So what does that mean for you? When you work with us, you’ll find peace of mind in the midst of a major life experience. As the client you get to come up with the vision, and you can trust us to help every step of the way, through build completion and beyond. We are happy to help you develop your land to prepare for the build, or start from scratch and identify the perfect property for you to build on. We will also work with you to come up with an ideal budget and a timeline for you. 

Our established network of vendors in the Lakeway area means we are able to help with designing the plans for the house as well as provide you with all the features to complement your home. 

Through it all, we will make ourselves available through an online portal for any questions you have during the process. We want you to be involved and informed, and our commitment to integrity and excellence means you will receive detailed communication from start to finish. 

To explore how we uphold our values on every project, check out our How It Works page.


Lakeway is known for its beautiful sights, great schools and lovely suburban feel. What will your Lakeway home be known for? With Mangum Builders as your Texas custom home builders, the sky’s the limit. We take pride in our ability to build in a variety of styles: whether you want a Mediterranean villa or a hip, new barndominium, we’re excited to make your dream a reality. 

From our decades of experience working on houses in this area, we have developed several specialized skill sets, including:

  • Custom construction. We have favorite styles we love to work with, but we are excited to see the specifics you have in mind. Work with our favorite architects to come up with the right plans for you, and let us take it from there. We do the work, but it’s your dream! 
  • Land development. We know that finding the perfect property for your home can be a tall order, and we never want you to have to settle. Find the place that works best for you and then let us fine-tune it, whether that means leveling the yard for a perfect barbeque hotspot or digging out a swimming pool for your next summer party. 
  • Green building. We are proud members of Austin Green Builders, which means we want to keep Lakeway’s signature beauty intact for you and for future generations. That means that we work with sustainable supplies and pursue energy-efficient construction for your home, not just in the structure but in the way it collects and utilizes energy moving forward—everything from solar panels to geothermal solutions. 
  • Remodeling and renovations. Mangum Builders is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, which means we are certified and ready to turn something old into a fresh treasure. Whether that’s a tear-down of an older building with personality or a makeover of your existing home, Mangum Builders are masters of the facelift and custom home remodeling in Austin Texas
  • Ranch construction. Nothing says Texas custom home like a ranch house. This one is a perennial favorite for a variety of reasons, foremost of which is the numerous opportunities for customization it provides. Ranch builds are simple on the outside but ample on the inside, leaving plenty of space to show off your style, all at a more affordable rate. 

To see our expertise, peruse our gallery of our favorite properties. We can’t wait to see your home on the list soon! 


Lakeway is the perfect spot for nature lovers to get up close and personal with the world around them. Choosing Mangum Builders as your Lakeway custom home builders means that your house will be as refreshing and beautiful as its surroundings. Contact us to get started today!