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Historic Clarksville has been an embodiment of the spirit of Austin since the mid-1800s. It is diverse, strong and proud of its roots, so when putting down your own roots you’ll want to work with builders who are perfectly suited to your project. With Mangum Builders that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We are experienced Texas custom home builders: during the course of more than seventy years on the job, we have built hundreds of dream homes for clients around Clarksville. That all adds up to a lot of expertise, so you can have peace of mind knowing we will anticipate and handle any scenario that arises during planning and construction. Whether you want a home that fits the historic vibe or something that is uniquely your own, we will help you pursue your vision with excellence and integrity.

Clarksville is a community of strong local bonds and enterprises (perhaps exemplified nowhere better than in the original Clarksville Natural Grocery, now known as the very first Whole Foods!). At Mangum Builders we highly value our work with community institutions, and our knowledge of the area and its local businesses ensures that you’ll get the highest quality products; in an area so defined by its sense of place, we want your home to fit like a glove.

We want to ensure that we are working with transparency to make the transition to your new home a smooth one. With that as the goal, we make ourselves available for your questions throughout the build process using an online portal so you always know you’re a priority. Check out our How It Works page to explore how we uphold our values on every project from start to finish.


Clarksville is perfect for those looking to be close to the action while keeping the noise at a manageable distance. You get all the benefits of a nice, historic neighborhood paired with all the convenience of living in a hip area near downtown Austin.

Having found yourself drawn to such a balanced area, you no doubt want a builder who knows a thing or two about pulling the best from both worlds. By choosing Mangum Builders, you are choosing a team with experience in all the hallmarks of Clarksville, including:

  • Custom construction. Many of our clients choose Clarksville for its historic beauty. But just because you are attracted to an area with a storied past doesn’t mean your home can’t exist in the sparkling present. Whether you want a remodel of an older craftsman home or an inner-city remodel, we have the experience to bring your vision to life.
  • Land development. In an area that takes its past seriously, you are sure to benefit from working with an experienced group. Our proven track record will make things easier as you navigate the journey to carve out space in such a proudly protected, historical community.
  • Green building. In Clarksville you’re just a short drive from beautiful Texas landscapes, and we want to make sure it stays that way. When you work with us, you are working with an active member of Austin Green Builders, which means we do everything we can to build with sustainable, energy-efficient materials. We take pride in reducing our footprint and yours so that you can fully enjoy your natural surroundings. We would love to help you pursue that goal by exploring renewable energy structures for your home.
  • Remodeling and renovations. Clarksville was developed in the 1870s and has seen increasing diversity in the ensuing decades. Plenty of the structures around town evoke this “melting pot” identity, and we are committed to working within that framework. Mangum Builders is a proud member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, so we have the certified skills to undertake the updates and realignments that will make your piece of this historic area uniquely yours.
  • Ranch construction. We couldn’t call ourselves Texas builders without the ability to put a signature spin on the classic ranch style. We are experts at creating ranch properties that reflect the unique styles of our clients. Whether you want a ranch that blends into its surroundings or is specifically structured to stand out and put your own flair on display, we have the skills to give you a new classic.

To see our expertise in action, peruse our gallery of our favorite properties. Maybe yours will be the next on our list!


Clarksville has a storied history, so there’s no reason your home builder or home remodeling contractor should have anything but plentiful experience. Contact us at Mangum Builders, and start the next chapter of your own household’s history today.


Greg is here to help you create the home you have always wanted.

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