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Mangum Builders aims to help clients build a home that will withstand the elements for generations by delivering exceptional craftsmanship and durable building materials. To make sure all designs and needs are fulfilled to the best of our ability, we closely cooperate and coordinate with our clients. We provide full transparency to our clients from the start to the end of the construction process for full assurance and peace of mind. To learn more about the different home styles we offer, work with our custom builders today.

What are Modern Style Homes?

Modern style homes generally have a boxy exterior which is colored in basic hues like white, black, grey, or beige. This style of home started gaining traction in the industry towards the end of the nineteenth century with majority of homeowners coming from the younger generation. Modern style homes often make use of building materials like steel, glass, and concrete for a swankier and more contemporary outlook.

Key Features of Modern Style Homes

Modern style homes often look boxy with grid windows, flat roofs, and industrial features. They are every modern stylist’s dream with an exterior that is made of stone or concrete paired with wood siding. Most of the windows of modern style homes come with black sashes with no shutters whereas their interior is equipped with linear stair rails. Despite the simple and clean outlook, modern style homes still manage to be inviting and warm to the eye.

Pros and Cons of Building a Modern Style Home

There are numerous advantages of building a modern style home. Let us begin by first emphasizing on its clean and simple outlook which is not offensive and easy to blend with other styles of homes. Because of this, a modern style home is highly versatile which means that you can select any type of furniture and décor to complement your new home without worrying about an item being out of place. Modern furniture is also generally cheaper because it is produced in bulk due to high demand.

The only drawback of a modern style home is how it is not extraordinary in terms of design so homeowners with a fancy taste may find this style of home boring or dull. If you are looking to wow your guests or neighbors, you have to furnish your modern style home with furniture and décor that spark some pizzazz.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Builders?

We are always fully utilizing our years of experience and paying close attention to each detail, while also being flexible in all of our design ideas. Clients can rest assured that they will be able to build their own home within the desired timeframe. Because of our extensive skills and expertise, we are able to deliver consistent results with the help of our long-standing industry partners. This cooperation lets us create majestic and high-quality homes that surpass expectations and meet all local building regulations.

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