Debunking 5 Myths About New Construction Houses

Debunking 5 Myths About New Construction Houses

Building a new construction home is a dream for some homeowners. But for others, it’s scary. What is there to know about building a new home that could help ease your fears?

In this blog post, we’ll cover and debunk the top 5 myths you might have heard about newly constructed houses. That way, you can make an informed decision when choosing your next home.

Myth 1: New Is Always More Expensive Than Used

This myth can be easily debunked by looking at the numbers. You’re comparing apples to apples and not simply considering your situation. It’s essential to look at the total cost of ownership over time rather than just comparing purchase prices.

When done correctly, it’s clear that newly built houses are often less expensive than older homes. Due to their newer construction techniques, the former requires less maintenance and repairs, more extended warranties, and better resale value.

New homes are less expensive than older homes because they have all the latest energy-efficient features and materials that can save you money on utility bills. Additionally, many builders offer financing programs without making an initial down payment or paying closing costs. However, these programs might mean paying your mortgage over a longer period.

Myth 2: Newly Constructed Homes Are Not Good For Resale Value

This one is a myth. New homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a home’s resale value when they sell it later in life. This misconception exists because many believe buying an existing house will give them more equity when selling their property. However, this is only sometimes true!

Say you bought an older house and decided to remodel it later. It could cost more money in terms of repairs and renovations than if you had bought a newer house.

Myth 3: New Homes Are Only for the Rich and Famous

New and custom homes are not only for the rich and famous. It’s quite the opposite. Home builders usually offer their homes at lower prices than existing homes because they don’t have to pay for land or sewer systems.

Additionally, most new construction houses are built on spec (speculation). This means they will sell regardless of whether they’re fully furnished or not and, sometimes, even without appliances! This makes them great opportunities for first-time homebuyers who still need to save money but want to buy something that doesn’t require any significant repairs immediately.

Myth 4: Builders Won’t Change Anything About Their Plans

This one is a common misconception, but it’s not true. Builders will always be willing to make changes if they’re asked to do so by the homeowner. Many people think that because so many options are available, builders won’t be able to accommodate requests for modifications or upgrades. In reality, builders are open to making changes to meet the needs of each client. They even encourage clients with specific ideas about what they want from their new homes!

Myth 5: My New Home Is Brand-New, So It Isn’t Going to Cause Me Any Issues

This is a common myth about new construction homes. The truth is that even though you’re buying a brand-new house, you can still remember maintenance and repairs. Like any other home, your new house will require regular upkeep and occasional repairs to keep it running smoothly for years.

Construct Your New House with Mangum Builders

When buying a new home, many myths can confuse the process. By debunking these common misconceptions, we hope you can make an informed decision about your next purchase. Here at Mangum Builders, we not only provide a wealth of expertise on new construction houses, but our extensive network of local vendors can address your every need through the entire process. Contact us today to begin your journey towards building your dream home!